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  • 2014 WIP winner: MobileOCT
  • Youth Radio
  • 2014 WIP winner: Soko Enterprise
  • Community Technology Alliance
  • 2014 WIP winner: eyeMITRA

Wireless for good. We leverage Vodafone’s knowledge and experience to foster new technologies to address critical issues around the world. In addition to making community grants we do the following:

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  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Announces Call for Entries for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project™

    Total Prizes of $600,000 Awarded to Mobile and Wireless Solutions for Global Community Impact. Press release

  • Application period for Wireless Innovation Project is open until February 27, 2015!


  • Mobile Microscopes: Snapping The Future Of Health Care.

    Smartphone cameras can do so much more than capture selfies—they can detect everything from an ear infection to cervical cancer. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation Announces Winners of Sixth Annual Wireless Innovation Project™ Competition.

    Total Prizes of US $600,000 Awarded to Creators of Three “Mobile for Good” Solutions. press release

  • 2014 Wireless Innovation Project Winners Announced by Vodafone Americas Foundation

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ today announced winners of its sixth annual Wireless Innovation Project, a competition where entrepreneurs, creators and developers from universities, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and non-profits are invited to submit innovations that make a difference in the world under the theme of “mobile for good.” more

  • Wireless Innovation Project Competition Awards Change-Makers in the Mobile Space

    Vodafone Americas Foundation announced the winners [of the Wireless Innovation Project] today during the Social Innovation Summit 2014, being held at the United Nations Plaza, and it’s tough not to get excited about their ideas. more

  • Educational Games for Malaria Diagnosis

    Crowdsourcing of complex tasks to expert and nonexpert populations has emerged as a powerful tool to solve intricate or time-consuming problems by merging individual human responses through statistical analysis. Recently, we introduced a gaming-based crowdsourcing platform—BioGames—for distributed biomedical image analysis and diagnosis. more

  • Finalists Named for Sixth Annual Wireless Innovation Project™ Competition

    Wireless Innovation Project finalist awards
    The Vodafone Americas Foundation today announced that finalists have been selected for its sixth annual Wireless Innovation Project Competition™ (WIP). Since its inception in 2009, WIP has provided funding for a range of outstanding mobile and wireless technology innovations, awarding more than $2 million to universities, not‐for‐profit and non-governmental organizations. WIP offers applicants the opportunity to win a total prize fund of $600,000 for innovative mobile solutions that have potential to solve critical global issues. All finalists were recognized at a reception held in Redwood City on Tuesday, April 1.. more

  • Code for America Shows How Empathy and Technology Can Improve Government

    Technology is definitely key in CfA’s work helping government become more engaging, user-friendly and effective, but I believe that there’s also a secret sauce that makes it work—empathy. more

  • New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

    Vodafone Americas Foundation supports mobile projects that help many communities, including technology that assists domestic violence victims and their service providers. more

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  • MobileOCT Continues its Campaign to Save Lives with Mobile, Digital Imaging

    When they entered the Vodafone Americas Foundation’s Wireless Innovation Project last year, the goal of the team behind MobileOCT was to eradicate cervical cancer through an application that turns any digital camera, whether on a smartphone or endoscope, into a device capable of detecting early signs of cancer. Since winning first place in the 2014 competition, it has strengthen the company’s goal to continue to be help to save lives and help medical programs become more efficient. more

  • Call for Entries for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    Total Prizes of $600,000 Awarded to Mobile and Wireless Solutions for Global Community Impact. The Vodafone Americas Foundation has launched its seventh annual Wireless Innovation Project™ (WIP), offering applicants the opportunity to win a total prize fund of $600,000 for innovative mobile solutions that have high potential to solve critical global issues. The Director of the Vodafone Group Foundation, Andrew Dunnett, officially announced the opening of the competition at the Social Innovation Summit in San Francisco on November 19. more

  • InVenture—Financial Management for the Emerging Middle Class in Africa and Southeast Asia

    Mobile phones are reaching an unprecedented number of individuals in regions such as Africa and Southeast Asia, with nearly 880 million new connections expected by 2020 (according to a 2014 report by GSMA). This penetration into impoverished urban centers and remote rural villages means that individuals formerly cut-off from basic financial services such as cash flow statements or credit can now be reached through a touch of a button. InVenture is leveraging this technological transformation to make financial tracking and loan applications as easy as possible for the emerging middle class. more