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Connecting for good. The Vodafone Americas Foundation connects an ecosystem of partners that use technology and connected solutions to spark innovation, improve lives, transform the global development sector and empower women and girls.

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  • Wireless Innovation Project Application Period is Closed

    Thanks to applicants – we look forward to reading about everyone’s innovations! See our timeline for notifying finalists and winners.

  • Wireless Innovation Project Application Deadline Extended to March 13th!

    The Wireless Innovation Project application deadline has been extended to March 13th. If you have started an application, we encourage completing your application and submission as soon as possible. Should you have any technical difficulties with the application, please contact and we will do our best to assist.

  • Nexleaf Founder Applies Tech to Social Justice

    For Nithya Ramanathan, founding a non-profit but running it like a tech company was a means to do the most good possible and finding a little redemption along the way. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Seeks Latest Connected Innovations to Enter the Ninth Annual Wireless Innovation Project Awards

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation today opened the ninth annual Wireless Innovation Project™ (WIP), in search of the latest technology that will positively impact the global community. more

  • Vodafone Americas Lays Foundation for Social Change Women in Comms

    Mobile holds the key to bringing banking to the unbanked, healthcare to rural areas and opportunities for women who may otherwise be hard to reach. Realizing the full potential of mobile technologies and using it for the good of the world is what brings June Sugiyama to work every day. more

  • Leveraging Technology for Good: An Interview With June Sugiyama, Director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation NextBillion

    With its parent corporation ranked as one of the top telecom companies in the world, Vodafone Americas Foundation’s focus is a natural fit: “We support projects that use technology for social impact,” says June Sugiyama, the foundation’s director. more

  • This Bluetooth Diaphragm Can Sense When A Woman Will Give Birth Fast Company

    The device senses changes in the cervix and can give a warning about preterm births—before contractions start. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Announces Winners of Eighth Annual Wireless Innovation Project TechRepublic

    Vodafone Americas Foundation hosts a yearly contest to promote innovation in the mobile/wireless technology space. Learn about the 2016 winners and see what they brought to the table. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Announces Winners of Eighth Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation today, at the Social Innovation Summit 2016 in Washington, D.C, announced the winners of its eighth annual Wireless Innovation Project (WIP), a competition for wireless-related technologies aimed at solving the critical issues facing the world today. Neopenda will be awarded the $300,000 first place prize for their newborn vital signs monitoring device. For the second time in the competition’s history, judges determined a tie for the 2nd place prize which will be awarded to EyeSee and c-Air for the potential of their respective innovations. Each will receive the traditional second place prize of $200,000, making the total prize amount awarded in this year’s WIP $700,000. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation Introduces Fourth Core Focus: Empowering Women and Girls Through Technology

    Girls Who CodeThe Vodafone Americas Foundation today added a new initiative to empower women and girls through technology. The new focus area will provide grants and additional support to technology-driven programs to strengthen the stance of women and girls. By adding this initiative to its three original priorities—spark innovation, improve lives, and strengthen the global development sector—the Vodafone Americas Foundation will support programs designed to enable and empower women and girls through the advantages of technology. more

  • Here Is The Founder Of A Massive Mobile Market For Africa’s Artisans

    Gwendolyn FloydGwendolyn Floyd is the co-creator of Soko, a high impact mobile marketplace that connects artisans in the developing world to customers everywhere. With an early focus on Kenyan producers, Soko received last year a $200,000 award through the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project (WIP), and sells goods directly to consumers, as well as through retailers such as Nordstrom and Forever 21. more


Wireless Innovation Project and the 2016 winning projects

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  • Supporting Social Innovation Through Employee Engagement

    At the Vodafone Americas Foundation, we bring people together from all sectors to address some of the world’s most pressing social issues. We also know that sometimes the biggest change starts right at home, with our own workforce. As times change, so too do the opportunities for employee engagement. Just a few years ago, employee engagement might refer to volunteering at a local food pantry, or an after-hours mentoring agency. Increasingly, however, the workforce is becoming more diverse, more technologically connected, and more interested in helping their communities in novel and creative ways.

    Supporting Diversity in the Tech Industry with Code/Interactive’s Diversity in Tech Awards

    It’s no secret that tech has a diversity problem. Minority groups have historically been underrepresented in the industry, and it’s often a pipeline problem that begins with early education. That’s where Code/Interactive, a non-profit organization focused on inspiring the next generation of diverse tech leaders, comes in. more

  • Fueling Innovation Through Competition

    Innovation is a word used so frequently that perhaps it has become almost trivial. Globally, we use innovation to describe many things, from new technologies, to new processes, to disruptive ideas, but the action of innovation itself becomes harder to define, and harder still to execute. Countless ideas are abandoned because entrepreneurs could not find the proper funding or mentorship to build their idea from a mere thought to a reality. more

  • Tackling Cyberbullying through Research and Mobile Innovation

    Did you know 42% of youth have experienced cyberbullying, and of this group, 54% became depressed or anxious, 21% skipped school, and nearly 16% used alcohol or drugs to cope? It’s a sad reality that YTH (Youth Tech Health) recently discovered in a study by the Vodafone Americas Foundation that analyzes the current cyberbullying landscape. more

  • How Silicon Valley’s Talent Wars Are Killing Its Nonprofits

    Bay Area nonprofits are being priced out of the Valley as salaries and overhead costs continue to skyrocket

    When you imagine a typical nonprofit, you may picture a soup kitchen, a community center, or a homeless shelter. While such services still exist, many nonprofits now design apps, build websites, and design digital tools that help deliver social programs and services to those in need. more