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Wireless for good. We leverage Vodafone’s knowledge and experience to foster new technologies to address critical issues around the world. In addition to making community grants we:

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  • Here Is The Founder Of A Massive Mobile Market For Africa’s Artisans

    Gwendolyn FloydGwendolyn Floyd is the co-creator of Soko, a high impact mobile marketplace that connects artisans in the developing world to customers everywhere. With an early focus on Kenyan producers, Soko received last year a $200,000 award through the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project (WIP), and sells goods directly to consumers, as well as through retailers such as Nordstrom and Forever 21. more

  • Vodafone launches 8th Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    Vodafone Americas Foundation holds an annual contest to promote innovation in the mobile/wireless technology space. They’re now accepting entries for their 8th competition. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Opens Call For Entries To Eighth Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ today kicked off the eighth annual Wireless Innovation Project™ (WIP), opening the call for submissions to applicants for their wireless-related technologies with the high potential to solve critical issues facing the world today. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Announces Winners of Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ today announced winners of its seventh annual Wireless Innovation Project™: Caltech Sanitation Project, WellDone Mobile Monitor (MoMo), and Mobile Stethoscope Diagnostics. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Names Eight Finalists for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project

    On April 28, the Vodafone Americas Foundation announced the eight Wireless Innovation Project finalists competing to win a total of $600,000 in grants for cutting-edge mobile innovations tackling a range of critical global issues, including health, sanitation, disaster response and access to communication. more

  • Creating a Mobile App? 6 Privacy and Ethics Points to Discuss with Your Developer

    Mobile innovation for social good takes many forms—and one that the Vodafone Americas Foundation has supported since its creation is the development of mobile apps. But there’s much more to developing an app then putting code to computer. more

  • Wireless Innovation Project Application period has closed

    Thank you to all applicants who are developing innovations using mobile technology. Stay tuned for announcement of finalists in March, 2015!

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation™ Announces Call for Entries for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project™

    Total Prizes of $600,000 Awarded to Mobile and Wireless Solutions for Global Community Impact. Press release

  • Application period for Wireless Innovation Project is open until February 27, 2015!


  • Mobile Microscopes: Snapping The Future Of Health Care.

    Smartphone cameras can do so much more than capture selfies—they can detect everything from an ear infection to cervical cancer. more

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation Announces Winners of Sixth Annual Wireless Innovation Project™ Competition.

    Total Prizes of US $600,000 Awarded to Creators of Three “Mobile for Good” Solutions. press release

  • 2014 Wireless Innovation Project Winners Announced by Vodafone Americas Foundation

    The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ today announced winners of its sixth annual Wireless Innovation Project, a competition where entrepreneurs, creators and developers from universities, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and non-profits are invited to submit innovations that make a difference in the world under the theme of “mobile for good.” more

  • Wireless Innovation Project Competition Awards Change-Makers in the Mobile Space

    Vodafone Americas Foundation announced the winners [of the Wireless Innovation Project] today during the Social Innovation Summit 2014, being held at the United Nations Plaza, and it’s tough not to get excited about their ideas. more

  • Educational Games for Malaria Diagnosis

    Crowdsourcing of complex tasks to expert and nonexpert populations has emerged as a powerful tool to solve intricate or time-consuming problems by merging individual human responses through statistical analysis. Recently, we introduced a gaming-based crowdsourcing platform—BioGames—for distributed biomedical image analysis and diagnosis. more

Wireless Innovation Project and the 2015 winning projects


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  • What do toilets text when they are all alone?

    cody_finke_303x303I didn’t start out to become the creator of a texting toilet, but my team’s invention, with the Vodafone Americas Foundation’s help, will make a major contribution to solving one of the world’s biggest development challenges. About 2.5 billion people—around half the people in the developing world—do not use an improved sanitation facility according to the United Nations. Improved sanitation is not the inside toilet you and I are used to, but covers facilities as basic as a pit latrine covered by a slab. This is a major problem with a wide-ranging impact on health, environment and livelihoods.

  • A Mobile Health Kit to Detect Pulmonary Disease

    MobileStethoscopeDiagnostics_MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology_DLabMy advisor, Dr. Rich Fletcher, and I began our investigation of pulmonary diseases last fall. We learned that these diseases are significant causes of morbidity and mortality and the burden is mostly focused on the developing world. However, the standard techniques for diagnosing these diseases require expensive machines and well-trained technicians, both of which can be lacking in resource-poor settings.

  • Nerves and the Finalist WIP Presentation Day

    Bathroom in rural community

    Shortly after submitting our initial application for the WIP, I was called off to India to repair one of our waste water treatment systems that we had been field testing for a year in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. My WIP teammate Clement Cid had made many such trips as well. This time, a pump was not working and because logistics and training are complicated and expensive in the developing world, it was not getting fixed. This is exactly the problem that I had written about in our WIP application, and exactly the reason why I was days late in responding to June Sugiyama the director of the Foundation’s email notifying us that we had been selected as finalists! more

  • Meet the 2015 Wireless Innovation Project Winners: Seva Sustainable Sanitation (Caltech)

    Bathroom in rural community

    Meet Seva Sustainable Sanitation, first place winner in the 2015 Wireless Innovation Project. Based at Caltech, founders Clement Cid and Cody Finke are developing a low-cost, remote monitoring and maintenance system for sanitation facilities. PhD students in Environmental Science and Engineering respectively, Cid and Finke noticed an opportunity in addressing the lack of cheap, efficient toilets but also the skills needed for repair and upkeep within local communities, especially in remote, rural areas. more

  • Meet the 2015 Wireless Innovation Project Winners: WellDone International

    WellDone MoMo in Action
    Life cannot exist without water, but 748 million people today have no access to an improved water source, according to the World Health Organization. The physical results of this are staggering—600,000 children die to diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. more