Finalists – 2011

These finalists who were invited to present in the final round of the Wireless Innovation Project™ were selected from nearly 100 applicants.

Cellphone-Enabled Tricorder

A compact wireless device to monitor subjects with sleep apnea and infants at risk of SIDS.


A community healthcare worker-centric hardware and software mobile platform to perform low-cost eye exams andcheck-ups and transmit the results to a remote ophthalmologist or optometrist.


Enabling and tracking highly interactive learning and training instances through a hybrid (i.e., cellular & wi-fi) ad-hoc mobile learning network designed for the neediest and most remote corners of the world.

TUBE-ing Over Digital Divide

A software system that computes and delivers congestion-dependent pricing for mobile Internet access, enabling an extremely affordable wireless data plan where users can leverage low-congestion and low-price time slots.

Wireless Green Patch

A low cost wireless device to monitor the integrity of civil and transportation structures as well as energy efficiency in buildings.