Frontline SMS: Credit

Ben Lyons explains FrontlineSMS:Credit, a software not-for-profit that works with organizations that bring benefits of mobile money to the poor.Watch at


Project team

An open source software, FrontlineSMS:Credit has the potential to open up financial services and micro-financing to millions of people in the developing world. The application leverages mobile payment systems and core banking software to bring financial services—such as savings, credit, insurance and payroll—to the entrepreneurial poor, eliminating geographic and time barriers and turning mobile payment systems into platforms for mobile banking.

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Winner Badge - Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

Meet the Winners

  • Geoff Graham: SANA team member
  • Trishan Panch: SANA team member
  • Ben Lyon: FrontlineSMS: Credit team member
  • Ilse Ruiz-Mercado: 100 Million Stoves team member
  • Kirk Smith: 100 Million Stoves team member
Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy: colorful basket woven from phone wire
Photo: Bridge for Africa

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