Winners – 2009

gloved hand holding Active Networked Tag with small clips


A disaster recovery system for locating people trapped by fires and survivors of structural collapse using Active Networked Tags that are embedded in the building structure and carried by individuals—for example, attached to their clothing. more

Dr. Aydogan Ozcan shows a cellphone that can be used to diagnose disease


A lens-free imaging platform on a cellphone for disease detection and diagnostics using digital holograms of the cells or bacteria, that is capable of monitoring HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and various other diseases. more

hand holding a cell phone with CellScope clipped to it


Addresses disease diagnosis and treatment challenges in developing countries by enabling clinical microscopy and communication of healthcare information, using a compact microscope onto a cellular phone. more

Winner Badge - Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

Meet the Winners

  • Gil Zussman: NETRA team member
  • Dr. Aydogan Ozcan: Cellophone team member
  • Dr. Daniel Fletcher: Cellscope team member
Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy: colorful basket woven from phone wire
Photo: Bridge for Africa

From Wired to Wireless

The story behind the Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy


Wireless Innovation Project and the 2009 winning projects