The Vodafone Americas Foundation fosters social change in global and local communities through connected solutions.

We mobilize social good by analyzing the needs of a community, collaborating with expert partners, and creating vehicles of knowledge sharing and learning.

Our mission is to connect an ecosystem of partners that use wireless technology to:

What We Support

For the last 10 years, the Vodafone Americas Foundation has been committed to fostering change in global and local communities through connected solutions. In doing so, we’ve seen the true impact of technology in tackling some of the world’s biggest issues. With this knowledge, we’re embarking on a new journey to transform the Vodafone Americas Foundation to focus on empowering women and girls through technology while also supporting our employees around the country to make an impact in their communities.

We believe that by investing in the combination of women and technology, we are investing in change and the ability to make a true social impact globally. With our legacy experience in making social impact through technology for good, we know that by using the right tools to amplify and broaden our reach, we can enrich lives beyond a single woman and girl. Also, by supporting our employees to impact their local communities, we can collectively make a difference worldwide.

Supporting technology for good has always been, and will always be, our mission as we move toward this new chapter focused on women and girls.

We provide grants to organizations focused on solving worldwide issues for women and girls. We invest in programs that create opportunities for women and girls to learn new skills, sustain their interests in technology, and allow them to thrive and excel. We support advocacy and gender work for women in and through technology to elevate women’s voices and create positive and sustainable change within their communities worldwide.

Our goal is to advance change for women in girls in four key areas – Human Dignity, Strong Voices, Fulfilling Potential, and Economic Vitality.
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Application Procedure

If we have contacted you and have requested that you submit a proposal, we have a grant application process. Although we do not have a deadline, we will discuss timelines with each applicant.

We do not accept unsolicited grant requests. If we have not contacted you to submit a proposal and you still feel that your organization fits within the Foundation’s mission, please contact us.

Program limitations

Vodafone-US Foundation makes grants only to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that are not classified as private foundations.

What We Don’t Support

The foundation does not support:

  • individuals
  • political organizations
  • religious organizations for sectarian purposes
  • fraternal, veterans, or labor groups