Finalists – 2014

These finalists who were invited to present in the final round of the Wireless Innovation Project™ were selected from nearly 100 applicants.

Cellular System for Emergency and Disaster Relief

Washington University at St. Louis

The system utilizes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to form a wireless mesh network in the sky to provide cellular access so that users with standard mobile phone will be able communicate. This system will be critical after occurrences such as tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes where ground based communications infrastructure are destroyed.


MIT Media Lab website

An innovative mobile phone attachment geared to at-home imaging of the retina, the nervous tissue in the back of the eye. This system seeks to not only provide a real-time health status assessment, but also contribute to the field of predictive analytics in healthcare.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A system to generate new renewable source of water for communities and reforestation through use of a probe and wireless communications technology to develop a liquid water flux map for fog harvesting. Combined with existing elevation, vegetation, orientation and slope maps, optimum locations for fog collectors can be identified, generating new, renewable sources of water for communities and reforestation in arid coastal regions around the world.

MIMOSA Emergency Response

Direct Relief website

MIMOSA Emergency Response allows real-time coordination between local and international response organizations to minimize response times and maximize effectiveness during disaster by integrating satellite, cellular and web-based network for communicating and coordinating health and disaster response needs anywhere in the world.


MobileODT and Scripps Health website

Technology that enables any mobile phone with a digital camera to serve clinicians as a multimodal cervical cancer screening device to deliver point-of-care service, so that clinicians can rapidly diagnose and, through telemedicine, obtain a second opinion.

SOKO Enterprise

SOKO Enterprise website

Integrated sales and enterprise solution that empowers marginalized SMEs with access to the global marketplace. SEP helps SMEs formalize their operations and provide competitive products and services. These tools enable small scale producers to manage production and operations, sell to global consumers, and get paid directly all via mobile.


Arizona State University

New telemedicine applications for evaluating/treating communication disorders in underserved communities and for individuals that cannot access traditional services. The aim is to integrate novel technology (based on signal processing and machine learning) for speech evaluation within a mobile platform that allows for remote assessment and treatment of patients with communication disorders.

TaroWorks™, Accelerating Social Impact in the Last Mile

Grameen Foundation website

TaroWorks is a mobile field force management tool. Built for organizations working in the most difficult places on the planet, and where connectivity is limited, TaroWorks provides real-time data and feedback loops that connect the head office directly to field staff and beneficiaries.