Improving Lives

The Vodafone Americas Foundation supports nonprofit organizations to develop and utilize connected solutions that increase opportunities for learning, promote health, safety, and sustainability, and save lives.

We believe technology can be the bridge between the resources available and those in need. The programs we support take advantage of innovative tools to improve society by connecting, educating, and empowering individuals. The services they provide are scalable, adaptable, accessible, and resourceful.

  • Crisis Text Line – Provides critical support to people in crisis via text to help to save lives.
  • Soko – A WIP winner, Soko is an e-commerce marketplace that empowers female artisans from the developing world to reach the global market.
  • Mobile4All – Program that provides homeless people with low-cost mobile phones and services to access social services and employment.
  • Labor Link – Deploys anonymous mobile surveys for groups to respond rapidly to workplace violations, inform company policies, and deliver services for workers.
  • TechSoup & Caravan Studios’ “Safe Night” – A mobile web application that assists domestic violence victims to quickly locate available shelter space