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Team members: Sona Shah, Teresa Cauvel

Sona Shah: Neopenda team memberTeresa Cauvel: Neopenda team member

Every year, millions of newborns die from preventable causes, and 98 percent of the deaths occur in the developing world, where monitoring equipment is not available due to high cost and limited resources. Neopenda is an affordable wearable newborn vital signs monitor that transmits data to nurses to help provide early detection when a newborn is in distress.

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Winner Badge - Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

Meet the Winners

  • Sona Shah: Neopenda team member
  • Teresa Cauvel: Neopenda team member
  • Navid Amini: EyeSee team member
  • Clinton Thodos: EyeSee team member
  • Dr. Aydogan Ozcan: c-Air team member
  • Chris Wu: c-Air team member
Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy: colorful basket woven from phone wire
Photo: Bridge for Africa

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