Columbia University & Luso Labs

Team members: Ritish Patnaik, Brandon Wilson

Ritish Patnaik: cerVIA team memberBrandon Wilson: cerVIA team member

CerVIA is an affordable, accurate and accessible cervical cancer screening tool that improves screening accuracy through simple imaging and machine learning in an Android device. The innovation will allow healthcare workers and doctors to easily validate their screenings.

Project Site: http://www.lusolabs.co

Winner Badge - Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

Meet the Winners

  • Patti White: SMART team member
  • Umut Gurkan: SMART team member
  • Ritish Patnaik: cerVIA team member
  • Brandon Wilson: cerVIA team member
  • Aneri Pradhan: ENVision team member
  • Eric Obeysekare: ENVision team member
Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy: colorful basket woven from phone wire
Photo: Bridge for Africa

From Wired to Wireless

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