100 Million Stoves

members of the 100 Million Stoves team performing on-site testing

University of California at Berkeley

Approximately 700 million households, including the poorest half of the world population rely on fire and simple stoves for cooking. Smoke and exposure from these stoves are responsible for causing premature deaths for 1.5 million women and children as well as contributing to climate change.

With the potential to improve health, air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and save lives, 100 Million Stoves is a simple wireless stove use monitoring system (SUMS) that can be attached to the millions of new low-emission stoves being used in developing regions. Being developed at the University of California at Berkeley for initial application in India, this groundbreaking wireless technology will help assess the impact of household energy programs, enable feedback from users, and transparent verification of carbon credits.

Project Site: http://ehs.sph.berkeley.edu/sums

Winner Badge - Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project

Meet the Winners

  • Geoff Graham: SANA team member
  • Trishan Panch: SANA team member
  • Ben Lyon: FrontlineSMS: Credit team member
  • Ilse Ruiz-Mercado: 100 Million Stoves team member
  • Kirk Smith: 100 Million Stoves team member
Wireless Innovation Project winners’ trophy: colorful basket woven from phone wire
Photo: Bridge for Africa

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