The State of Mobile Data for Social Good

On June 29th, 2017, through a partnership with UN Global Pulse, and GSMA, a panel discussion was held at the Vodafone Americas New York office to unveil a new report on the power of mobile network data for social good. June Sugiyama from Vodafone Americas Foundation hosted over 60 participants to discuss the report’s recommendations and the call to action with representatives from the mobile data industry, donors and UN. The panel included Robert Kirkpatrick, Director of UN Global Pulse, Rebecca Furst Nichols, Deputy Director at Data2X, Kyla Reid, the Head of Digital Identity Program at GSMA, Manuel Garcia Hernandez, a lead research scientist at UNICEF Innovation and Vodafone’s very own Nuria Oliver, Director of Research in Data Science.

Women and Girls Speak Up and Stay Safe: Media and Mobiles

On June 6th, 2017 Vodafone Americas Foundation, Internews, and invited guests hold a lively discussion about empowering women and girls with tools to make their voices heard, all around the world, in ways that keep them safe and secure. June Sugiyama from Vodafone Americas Foundation hosted along with Kat Duffy, Vice President of Global Technology Porgrams at Internews. They were joined by Emily May, co-Founder of Hollaback!, Alli Maloney, the News and Politics Editor at Teen Vogue, Khwezi Magwaza, was the editor-in-chief of Seventeen in South Africa now Girl Effect, and Solange Nyasoso, a human rights advocate and journalist from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Women and the Mobile Data Revolution

In partnership with Vodafone Americas Foundation and TechSalon, Internews convened a conversation on the social and economic implications of the mobile data revolution on women and communities around the world, March 2nd at Vodafone in New York.

2017 Wireless Innovation Project Winners and Finalists

In June 2017, The Vodafone Americas Foundation announced the winners of its ninth annual Wireless Innovation Project (WIP), a competition for potential life-changing connected innovations addressing critical issues facing the world today. Since launching in 2009, the Vodafone Americas Foundation WIP has awarded $5.5 million to scalable solutions focused on “Connecting for Good” that help address critical issues around the world. As a result, WIP-supported innovations have directly impacted over 40 million individual lives across more than 40 countries – underscoring the Foundation’s commitment to fostering social change. Past WIP winners’ successes include international accolades, various industry prizes, and obtaining more than $9.5 million in additional funding.