Vodafone Americas Lays Foundation for Social Change


Mobile holds the key to bringing banking to the unbanked, healthcare to rural areas and opportunities for women who may otherwise be hard to reach. Realizing the full potential of mobile technologies and using it for the good of the world is what brings June Sugiyama to work every day.


Vodafone Americas Foundation: Empowering Women Through Technology


Vodafone Americas Foundation seeks to address the gap between women and men in the technology field, whereby, according to Vodafone Americas Foundation, “while women represent over half of college graduates in the US, they make up only 30 percent of workers at large technology companies.” A leader in empowering women, last year Vodafone “became one of the first organizations in the world to define a mandatory minimum maternity benefits standard. The company also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership roles within its company to 30 percent.” Now they seek to promote those values elsewhere.


Here Is The Founder Of A Massive Mobile Market For Africa’s Artisans


Gwendolyn Floyd is the co-creator of Soko, a high impact mobile marketplace that connects artisans in the developing world to customers everywhere. With an early focus on Kenyan producers, Soko received last year a $200,000 award through the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project (WIP), and sells goods directly to consumers, as well as through retailers such as Nordstrom and Forever 21.


Why Mobile Health Tech Will Loom Large in 2015


Mobile healthcare applications for the iPhone and Android—for tracking one’s fitness, prescriptions and doctors’ appointments—are expected to be the biggest medical technology trend in 2015, physicians and other experts told