About Vodafone Americas Foundation

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Vodafone Americas Foundation™ is part of Vodafone’s global network of foundations. We are affiliated with Vodafone, one of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies, which operates in more than 21 countries with partner networks in over 40 more countries, and has significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States.

“Mobile for Good” is a universal theme throughout Vodafone’s foundations worldwide. The Foundations mobilize communities by bringing people together from all sectors: business, nonprofit, government, employees and even our customer base, to resolve shared problems and advance social change.

Our Vision

We leverage the power of wireless and mobile technologies to make a difference by:

Our Mission

Making an impact through the power of wireless and mobile technology. The Vodafone Americas Foundation believes in the power of wireless and mobile technology to transform global development, improve people’s lives, spark innovation, and empower women. Our mission is to make a difference by harnessing the power of technology in innovative ways that develop and advance wireless and mobile solutions to serve the world.


What We Support

Vodafone is in the business of wireless technology—that is what we know and do best; therefore we strive to leverage our knowledge and experience to seek new technologies that help solve some of the critical issues around the world. We support organizations that utilize technology to improve people’s lives, help stimulate innovation, and advance the global development sector.

We fund sustainable projects that are affordable to those in need and that are able to be maintained after implementation. We look for partnerships and collaboration, as well as inclusion of the people who will be served, throughout the project development. We also prioritize accessibility, in that the solution should utilize tools, equipment, and material that are practically available to the people served. Rather than funding technology for technology’s sake, we invest in the power of technology to create lasting social change.

In addition to our technology focus areas, we provide small community support grants to target focus areas. More information on community support grants

Application Procedure

If we have been in contact with you and have requested that you submit a proposal, please follow the guidelines for submitting a proposal listed below. Although we do not have a deadline, we will discuss timelines with each applicant. Please submit the following:

  • 2-3 page description of: the organization, the program that you are seeking funds for, the need in the community that the organization/ program address, how the organization/ program fits with the Vodafone Americas Foundation, and any other information that might be helpful;
  • a copy of the budget (can be organizational or programmatic, depending on what the funds will be used for);
  • a list of the organization’s Board of Directors;
  • a copy of the organization’s 501(c)(3) status.

We do not accept unsolicited grant requests. If we have not contacted you to submit a proposal and you still feel that your organization fits within the Foundation’s mission please contact us.

Program limitations

Vodafone-US Foundation makes grants only to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that are not classified as private foundations.

What We Don’t Support

The foundation does not support:

  • individuals
  • political organizations
  • religious organizations for sectarian purposes
  • fraternal, veterans, or labor groups