Our New Mission to Empower Women and Girls Through Technology

Photo by Adam Schultz

For the last 10 years, the Vodafone Americas Foundation has been committed to fostering change in global and local communities through connected solutions. In doing so, we’ve seen the true impact of technology in tackling some of the world’s biggest issues. It’s with this knowledge that we’re embarking on a new journey to transform the Vodafone Americas Foundation to focus primarily on empowering women and girls through technology while also supporting our employees around the country to make an impact in their communities.

We believe that by investing in the combination of women and technology, we are investing in change and the ability to make a true social impact globally. With our legacy experience in making social impact through technology for good, we know that by using the right tools to amplify and broaden our reach, we can enrich lives beyond a single woman and girl. In addition, by supporting our employees to make an impact in their local communities, we can collectively make a difference around the globe.

As part of this new mission, we are partnering with MIT Solve to combine the legacy of our Wireless Innovation Project® program with their distinguished Solver teams awards for Global Challenges to create the Vodafone Americas Foundation Innovation for Women Prize. Through MIT Solve, we will support the Innovation for Women Prize, which will award solutions that use technology to empower and enrich the lives of women and girls.

Through partnerships like MIT Solve and via our own grants program, we will support advocacy and gender work for women in and through technology in order to elevate women’s voices and create positive and sustainable change within their communities around the world.

This new trajectory enables us to elevate our current profile of supported causes that not only empower women and girls through technology but are also within our employee engagement program. We provide employees the opportunity to volunteer for organizations near their own communities or donate funds to support those in financial need, allowing the Vodafone Americas Foundation to make a larger impact all together.

Our mission has always been supporting technology for good and as we move into this new chapter focusing not only on women and girls, but also stronger employee engagement – the mission still stands strong today. We’re looking forward to the new opportunities and partnerships moving forward with the foundation’s new approach.