Civic Participation & Urban Issues

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woman boarding a train

Living in and around wonderful cities like San Francisco has many advantages as well as its share of problems and stresses. That is why the Foundation supports programs that work to solve particular inner city issues, such as traffic, graffiti, overcrowding, affordable housing needs and retention of open space. To demonstrate our mission of Passion for the World Around Us, we are particularly interested in community-­based organizations that include people from the community, or are created by involved citizens.

We invest in people who want to improve our communities. Being citizens of our great cities requires a certain level of responsibility. If we are to make informed and sound decisions about issues that affect our communities, we must be aware and engaged. The Foundation is especially interested in programs that encourage civic participation, promote understanding of civic issues as well as the political process, and support the development of sound public policy to help create positive change. We seek organizations that strive to promote civility, and encourage the public to be involved and contributing members of the community and society.

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