Strengthening Families

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woman and girl standing side-by-side

We value the family unit and know that today’s youth face very complex and difficult issues; we realize the importance of nurturing communications within families. That is why we look for organizations that tackle the problems and issues of social breakdown in families; help strengthen communication between parents and their children; and foster the well-being of families by providing special programs like teen pregnancy prevention and proactive, innovative, drug and alcohol prevention.

The Foundation looks for programs that give young people alternatives from criminal and violent behavior by providing guidance and tools to develop interests, skills and self confidence, and most importantly prepares youth to make positive life choices.

We believe there are many young people who have special talents and interests but lack the resources to pursue them. The Foundation gives priority to organizations that promote potential in youth and help cultivate and develop special talents. We encourage programs that seek out young people who are greatly motivated and have the passion, yet otherwise would not be able to pursue and develop their talents and dreams.

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