Creating a Mobile App? 6 Privacy and Ethics Points to Discuss with Your Developer

Mobile innovation for social good takes many forms—and one that the Vodafone Americas Foundation has supported since its creation is the development of mobile apps. But there’s much more to developing an app then putting code to computer. In partnership with VAF, YTH (Youth Tech Health) developed critical guidelines to help developers keep in mind important security factors to help safeguard their users information. This post from YTH explains further:

Is There an App for That?

Connecting to the Internet is increasingly happening through apps and less through web browsers today—your bank, your gym, your grocery stores and your kids’ school may all have their own mobile apps for you to quickly and easily connect with their services, wherever you are. There are endless possibilities for us to create apps for good, and many organizations working to have a positive impact already have mobile applications on the market. You may be considering developing a mobile app for your organization’s clientele too!

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