MobileODT Continues its Campaign to Save Lives with Mobile, Digital Imaging

When they entered the Vodafone Americas Foundation’s Wireless Innovation Project last year, the goal of the team behind MobileODT was to eradicate cervical cancer through an application that turns any digital camera, whether on a smartphone or endoscope, into a device capable of detecting early signs of cancer. Since winning first place in the 2014 competition, it has strengthen the company’s goal to continue to be help to save lives and help medical programs become more efficient. More

Call for Entries for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project

Total Prizes of $600,000 Awarded to Mobile and Wireless Solutions for Global Community Impact

The Vodafone Americas Foundation has launched its seventh annual Wireless Innovation Project™ (WIP), offering applicants the opportunity to win a total prize fund of $600,000 for innovative mobile solutions that have high potential to solve critical global issues. The Director of the Vodafone Group Foundation, Andrew Dunnett, officially announced the opening of the competition at the Social Innovation Summit in San Francisco on November 19. More