Bug-Sens(ing) the Next Steps

Since winning the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project (WIP) back in 2012, the Bug-Sensor team, led by Eamonn Keogh, is seeing much success with their project. Bug-Sensor’s project continues to flourish, from tackling computer science and entomological obstacles to seeing these strides published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. In addition, their progress led to further use of the team’s sensors in labs and in the field in seven different countries. More

Crossing the Bridge Between Commercial and Development

It’s been a few months since the mHealth Summit in December, giving me a little time to contemplate and write down my thoughts regarding the last event.

I must say, I had a strange feeling this time when I attended. At first I couldn’t really put my finger on what was different or missing. Eventually, I realized that I reserved myself for a whole week to attend an event that was divided in half. The first part of the week mainly targeted commercial entities, businesses that were there to demonstrate their latest products and sell. Their exhibits are grandiose; they have lots of products on display and sales people. This is where partnerships are made, deals are started and deals are closed, not to mention big parties.

The latter half of the week was left for the development sector: NGOs, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, the folks working on the ground, deploying pertinent services to developing countries. They are more group discussion-based, strategic, and rallying to work together and speak best practices, but partnerships and deals are made here too. More