How Silicon Valley’s Talent Wars Are Killing Its Nonprofits

Bay Area nonprofits are being priced out of the Valley as salaries and overhead costs continue to skyrocket

When you imagine a typical nonprofit, you may picture a soup kitchen, a community center, or a homeless shelter. While such services still exist, many nonprofits now design apps, build websites, and design digital tools that help deliver social programs and services to those in need.

“A lot of organizations that were previously not integrating technology into their programs have quickly realized that you can’t do work in the social sector or the public health sector without embracing technology, because it’s cost effective and impactful,” says Bhupendra Sheoran, the executive director of Youth Tech Health (YTH), a San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit organization. “Almost every organization that we work with has some level of technology integration in their organization and their programs,” he adds.