Soko Reaches More than 500 Artisans, Improves Incomes by More than 50%

According to The Aspen Institute, the artisan and crafts industry is the second largest employer in the developing world. When Ella Peinovich-Griffith, Gwendolyn Floyd and Catherine Mahugu completed the application for the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project in 2014, they believed in the potential of their mobile-based enterprise tool to endow rural artisans with equitable, sustainable livelihoods. And soon after, Soko upped their efforts to reach the next phase: a “women-run and operated e-commerce marketplace for the developing world.” More

Creating a Mobile App? 6 Privacy and Ethics Points to Discuss with Your Developer

Mobile innovation for social good takes many forms—and one that the Vodafone Americas Foundation has supported since its creation is the development of mobile apps. But there’s much more to developing an app then putting code to computer. In partnership with VAF, YTH (Youth Tech Health) developed critical guidelines to help developers keep in mind important security factors to help safeguard their users information. More