Vodafone Americas Foundation Names Winners for Seventh Annual Wireless Innovation Project

WIP 2015 winners

The Vodafone Americas Foundation unveiled the three Wireless Innovation Project winners of the $600,000 in total cash prize at the Social Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

The 2015 winners are:

1st Place (US$300,000)—SEVA, Caltech Sanitation Project

Some 2.5 billion people—more than one third of the global population lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. So far, long-term implementation of new sanitation technology has been challenged with identifying a cost-efficient and effective way to monitor and maintain the systems. Caltech’s mobile-based, self-diagnosing technology for wastewater treatment systems empower local community members to operate and maintain these sanitation solutions in areas that lack sufficient infrastructure.

2nd Place (US$200,000)—WellDone Mobile Monitor (MoMo)

As part of United Nations Resolution 64/292, the right to water (along with sanitation) are acknowledged as “essential to the realisation of all human right.” Although more than 2.3 billion people have gained access to clean water since 1990, up to 40 percent of rural water infrastructure has since fallen into disrepair. WellDone International has developed a remote monitoring technology that aims to improve the reliability of rural infrastructure by providing real-time usage and functionality information.

3rd Place (US$100,000)—Mobile Stethoscope Diagnostics

One of the basic approaches in medicine to diagnose disease is to listen to the sounds of the body. A team from the MIT D-Lab has developed a mobile stethoscope and decision-support mobile application to provide critical diagnostic assistance to untrained health workers in developing countries.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each of the winners and their plans for expanding their designs and bringing their innovations closer to market. Stay tuned!